We are heycar.

We are an international team from all kinds of backgrounds. We have different talents, degrees and lunch preferences. But we do have one thing in common: the quality of our product is key to everything we do. Because we want to make the market for used cars better than ever before.

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Customer Success & Service

Hey, I am Ingrid. We love our customers! That’s why we always put them first. Within the chaotic jungle of the used car market we provide trustworthy guidance to find everybody’s dream car. As the Team Lead of Customer Success and Service I am responsible for building a smart and efficient infrastructure. But the most important thing to me is to take care of the team in order to make heycar the most highly recommended car platform in Germany. What I like the most about heycar are the company values being truly upheld. And on a side note – our office management rocks!

Ingrid Wenzel, Team Lead Customer Success & Service

We embody our values.


We strive for a purposeful work environment that provides a platform for everybody’s personality to preserve one’s authenticity.


We believe that taking ownership is one of our main drivers to achieve a high-performance culture and ambitious targets enabling us to tackle our competitors.


We think that having an entrepreneurial mindset is paramount to be able to look at situations from different perspectives.


We are convinced that we should build everything we do on trustful relationships with our employees and all our partners.

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Our shared spaces are a great place to unwind, play games with your colleagues or enjoy a full range of events, including workshops, on-site meetups, conferences and fun events for the team.

We want you as part of our team!

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